Measures That You Should Take If Your Vehicle Breaks Down In A Lonely Place

One scary and most dangerous thing that can happen to you is your vehicle breaking down in a lonely place where there is no human in the vicinity. Many reports state that people who go through trouble in such an event and some even may have faced deaths due to panicking in such events. Therefore, it is so important for one to first relax and think of what measures to take and how to act in such a scenario. The tips below may work as a guide that can help you in some way to live through a night mare as such.

Do not panic at any point.

If your car breaks down in an area where there is no vehicle or person in the surrounding, first make sure that your vehicle is in a safe lane to be stopped at. A car passing by have possibilities of crashing into your vehicle if it is not parked or stopped in the right lane. Check if you have enough gas to move the car to a corner. Once this is done then you need to turn on your head lights. This is to bring notice for other passing vehicles of your car. If you are in a vicinity where there are many robberies and crimes, then lock all the doors of the car and stay inside the car until you can call for help.

Make the right calls.

Always try the best to save your mobile and torches battery. You never know how long you will have to be stuck in the place. Try to check if there is signal in your phone for you to get help. You should be able to call your insurance or any other reliable party who may help you in such situation. If you have lost the mobile signals then you need to have the guts to walk out of your car. See if you can find any motel or a gas station that can help you. If you are lucky and could find some help then it is a matter of getting a car trailer or tipper trailers Brisbane to drag your car to the closest garage to fix it.

Extra precautions according to your gender.

As much as the topic would sound sexist to you. It is also important for extra precautions to be taken when a woman is driving. Especially if you are a woman who is travelling alone, then you need to have extra protection with you. You need to carry with you a weapon for protection. This can even be a bottle of peppermint spray or a pocket knife.