November, 2014

The importance of marine trimming in power boats

The input of marine trimmers must always be sought when doing any design modifications to a boat or water vessel. According to experts, there are many poorly trimmed boats operating today. A lack of information means not many people understand whether their boats are well trimmed or not. Trimming the boat is a matter of safety. The more open the waters, the more important it is to properly trim a boat. In extreme conditions, the trim could be the difference between staying up and overturning. It is however, difficult to reach these extremes due to the strict standards of the marine industry and boat manufacturers. Still, the trim should not be taken any less seriously, especially when it can be helped by the boat owner or operator.

Before the boat begins to move, it is common sense that it should be level or square. Trim has to do with the weight distribution, and this should start from when it is stationery, during the installation of marine upholstery, loading accessories and people. Common sense dictates to never have a boat with all the passengers seated on one side. The poor weight distribution will cause bad steer and an uncomfortable ride. People can easily be moved, together with anything that is not bolted down. Sometimes, one will have to move the fuel tanks and ice boxes around as they are emptied with continuous use. Sometimes, the distribution can be allowed to make the boat stern heavy. This is especially helpful when there is an emergency or when under tow. 

Trim is unlike simple automobile repairs like car roof lining repair. While stationery trim is a matter of common sense, as the boat hull begins to move, the idea gets more complex. The concept is still the same, but with the speed increasing and the continued interaction between the boat hull and the wind and waves, the hydro and aerodynamics come into play. The trim for travelling in one direction relative to the direction of the wind or flow of water might not be appropriate for another direction with the same boat. This is why despite the fact that many people dislike it; many boats come with a trim button. Especially in powerboats, it is useful being able to adjust the trim according to the prevailing conditions.

Two common ways can be used to adjust the trim of a powerboat at speed. The most common are the trim tabs. Trim tabs are found on the transform, or in a recess at the bottom of the hull for larger boats. They are adjustable and use the same working mechanism of aircraft elevators. The other method through which trim can be adjusted is through the change of the angles of the stern drive leg compared to the transform.

If the outboard is small, it can be adjusted manually through the movement of a pin on a mounting bracket. Larger boats might require stern drives and outboards that are controlled electronically or through hydraulics at the touch of a trim button on the boat.

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Best ways to Upgrade Your Car Audio

One of the great joys of driving a car for many people is listening to their speakers playing their favorite songs. If you’re a music lover who has been stuck without even a radio for an extended period of time you know how annoying it can be, and if you are serious about the quality of your audio you also know it can be painful to listen to your favorite artists on stereos that aren’t up to your quality standards. Fortunately you don’t have to live with the stereo you started with, there are all sorts of ways to upgrade your car audio system to achieve your ideal sound. In this article we’ll look at some of the changes that will have the biggest impact.

If you’ve got an older car one of the first upgrades you want to make is to the deck, or head unit. This is the part of car stereos that holds things like the radio, tape deck, CD player, etc. As previously mentioned it’s an especially important upgrade for old cars because they might not have the right inputs or players for your need. Being stuck with a tape deck is annoying enough but with the prevalence of MP3s today it can also be incredibly annoying to have a CD player without any way to connect to your phone or MP3 player. 

Once you’re satisfied with your deck it’s time to look at your speakers. This is probably the most important part of your system as far as sound goes, weak speakers produce a weak sound. It’s not a part you want to cut corners on, you should look for a good brand with a proper reputation. Every dollar you pour into this part will result in a larger return on investment as far as sound quality.

The final major change is the subwoofer. This is where you get your bass and in recent years it’s become more and more important to music fans. For many it’s a point of pride to drive down the street with the bass practically shaking the pavement. Still, while you may love your bass you are going to lose out on a lot if you upgrade your subwoofers before your speakers so prioritize accordingly. It’s also worth noting that subwoofers can be placed throughout the car, with some people packing subwoofers into their trunk for an even louder and more powerful sound. If you want to find the best locations for subwoofers within your car consider visiting a local store and discussing the topic with an expert.

For people who love their cars and love their music a great car stereo system is a match made in heaven. Putting a high quality system into a cheap car isn’t the best investment in terms of money spent but you have to think about the experience. If you are proud of owning a car it’s worth investing in the best car stereo and radar detector brands to get it just the way you like. At the end of the day it’s what you think and feel that really matters, and nothing is quite as moving as driving down the road with a great system playing great music.

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